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That Dress I Will Never Wear!

2 Sep

I have had a late Wardrobe clear-out to put in my new Autumn gear, I say late because I usually do this at the start-mid August. I’m an early-bird when it comes to clothes. I am so excited about Autumn/Winter 2012 and cannot wait to try out some warm Autumn inspired nail art to keep you feeling warm in the coming chilly months.

I have had to get rid of a lot of things since they won’t fit in my Wardrobe with all the new stuff I have bought. I’m one of those people who only wear their few new pieces. I know I know it’s so bad but I cannot help it.

During this clear-out I rediscovered so many pieces of clothing and surprisingly I am excited to be  wearing them from now on. I also realised I had a lot of items of clothing that were brand new condition that I never got to wear and probably never will. So I decided to start an eBay with all my unwanted unworn and brand new clothes. It was all fun taking the photos, I love capturing great photos for my blog and now for my eBay. Hope you like my pieces.

Check them out here first!


I bought this because it’s pretty and pretty to look at when I open my wardrobe but never wore it. I hope that it can go to a new wardrobe and look pretty on the person wearing it. This piece is perfect for a special occasion, I love how the fabric just drapes elegantly into a bubble-hem.


This was mean for Autumn but isn’t really my style. But if I was this top’s style, I’d wear this with wet-look leggings and studded chelsea boots and maybe a biker jacket.


Oh my florals! I have so many floral dresses they are uncountable, and since this is my unworn one and still in brand new retail-sellable condition I decided to to put this up for sale. But reluctantly of course, I love my florals too much.


I don’t feel comfortable wearing ones-shoulder dresses or anything showing me off really so I decided to give this one away too. I love that it’s studded though, studs are absolutely perfect for A/W 2012!


Ah the lace shrug! I felt this a bit revealing too! I don’t wear black so I don’t even know why I bought it, same went for the studded one-shoulder face dress.


This is a Bandeau jump-suit. This will see you through day and night. The full leg length elongates your legs making you appear taller and slimmer. Wear under a cardigan and with flat ballet pumps/sandals in the day, and throw on a pair of glamorous heels for the night and maybe the lace shrug above.

And what’s more, all prices are negotiable! Check it all out here!

Splash of Colour!

11 Mar

I’m so excited about comfy, colourful, very soft cotton jeans and trousers for the coming season that I just want to buy every single colour at River Island. I know I so should not do this, it’s hurting my credit card really badly. Especially since my new years resolution was not to shop crazy and to also save money.

I’ve never been this excited about trousers, but the coming season gives skinnies the credit they deserve. Everything was about pretty dresses over some boring black or grey leggings. These skinnies are just as comfy and super soft with amazing quality that you can just feel oozing from them all, every single one of them. I always found myself sticking to leggings, tights or jeggings a lot as both my ‘go-to’ clothes and also because of comfort. Soooo, I cannot wait to stand out, everything’s candy-like and they remind me of literal pastels as in chalk pastels.They will help you out on the colour-blocking trend that’s been through Autumn 2011 to right now. They remind me of being a child again and wanting pink trousers or anything pink, it makes me feel young again, and allows me to express the inner-child in me.

[Light-Washed Skinnies and Patch-Work Jeggings to come soon – note, these two are older ones but you can still see them as inspiration]

Pastel Pink Super Skinnies River Island £40, Pastel Blue Super Skinnies River Island £40, Pastel Purple Super Skinnies River Island £30, Toffee/Camel/Tan Super Skinnies Miss Selfridge £38 [Miss Selfridge now have £10 off all coloured denim] Floral Ripped Light-Washed Skinnies New Look £26, Patchwork Jeggings River Island £25

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