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Play it Safe Sometimes

23 Jul


Even when it comes to summer I am sometimes tempted to throw on my pop-to-the-corner-shop outfit and sometimes it is a disaster…but I’m still not bothered. In this outfit post I have tried to keep things easy but not looking lazy as I have had a lot of trips to the corner shop and as you can imagine, a girl likes to feel special every now and then. I decided I wasn’t going to let my laziness get in the way of looking, well, polished but still not look like I have tried too hard for a walk down my local.

1) Finding a top that looks simple but has some lace detailing, frills or trims add that extra oompf to your lazy-day-but-noone-knows-it and no one will really know it.

2) Minimal make-up is my philosophy and always has been but sometimes I have taken minimal to none at all. This time, I put on my favourite pink lipstick that I know suits me whatever the weather and a few brushes with the mascara and it only takes 30 seconds and makes such a difference.

3) The studs I am wearing are studs I have left for a while as punishment for wearing them every single day when I have countless pairs still in packaging dying to be worn. Today, I decided that it is about what you’re ‘comfortable’ with and what you ‘know’ will make you look good when you’re in a rush or not looking to make much effort.


The heatwave has subsided but it is still slightly warm out so I decided to be safe with a pair of my most loved dark-wash jeans, sandals and a plain lace top.


Even the tiny clips add further detail.


Clips Primark, Lace Top Hollister, Jean New Look, Sandals River Island.

Lipstick Revlon – Pink in the Afternoon, Mascara No.7 Lash Adapt in Black.


Jewellery Added to My Collection!

9 Mar

As you may already know, I have started my own collection of clothes and accessories on ASOS. I am so excited as I have snapped up a few photos of the jewellery that I have and have just listed a few of them.



Chunky Chain Bracelet

This is a River Island chunky chain design bracelet perfect add-on to spice up any outfit. I am allowed to list this as FREE DELIVERY but only for a limited time.

I also have other offers, where if you buy multiple items from my collection you could get shipping for as low as £0.59 or even FREE.

To view all other items I have listed click on the images below or go straight to my entire collection.




More to come…





I have 20 items in my collection and if you’re one of my blog followers and are interested in purchasing 2 or more of my products, comment below for an exclusive Promo Code!


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How to Style Statement Pieces

28 Jul

…without going on the plain side.

I have had a bit of a struggle looking for pieces to go with a big bold statement clothes like bright coloured jeans, a blazer, or printed pieces without the boring Plain-Jane white tee that most people seem to resort to. As soon as I got my big clothes I order I started raiding my wardrobe for any other pieces I wanted that would go with them to create five looks with statement pieces.

I have put together statement pieces to show you that it’s not only about the plain white tee but that you can mix and match prints or wild colours with something just as exciting.

Outfit One: Sunday Brunch (Statement Piece: Tribal Print Skort)

The tribal print skort is the centre of attention in this outfit so I wanted to choose pieces that would really compliment and challenge it at the same time. The top isn’t a plain white tank, it has subtle aztec prints on it. Here I am clashing prints but in a safe but also exciting way but if you’re feeling daring you could go for brighter clashing prints. I added light purple bamboo wedges to go with my breezy relaxed look adding a bit of glamour.


White Aztec Print Tank.

Even with the cream on the skort you can still get away with the white.

What I absolutely love about these wedges is not only the bamboo wedge detail giving it a summery and tropical feel but also the gold hardware at the back. It just adds uniqueness to them.

Tank Vest (Primark £6), Skort (River Island £20), Cork Wedges (River Island £55), Nude Polka Dot Tote (Topshop £16)

Outfit Two: Floral Fever (Statement Piece: Coloured Jeans)

I’m always seeing people wearing coloured jeans with a plain top or more conventionally a plain white t-shirt. But what about a floral print blouse? An embellished tank? Or an Aztec/Tribal or ANYTHING print top? It does take a careful consideration on what prints and patterns would suit the coloured jeans. You could go for subtle prints like the tank in my Sunday Brunch outfit or take on this loud floral blouse.

Simple accessories with an outfit like this and little to no jewellery would put the attention on the jeans and blouse. I would add casual ballet flats and my good old go-to black across-body bag to finish the look giving all the attention to the jeans and the blouse.

Floral Blouse (River Island £25), Purple Jeans (Topshop £40)

Outfit Three: Pink Tribe (Statement Piece: Bright Coloured Jeans)

This outfit is very similar to Outfit 2 since we are concentrating on the coloured jeans. These jeans are bright, so to play is cool I added neutral flats and a white cross-body bag. Again, we have something printed, a tribal print top. There are a few pinks in there so throwing this over the jeans would look like they were meant to be.

Tribal Top (Primark £4), Bright Pink Jeans (Topshop £40), Bag (New Look)

Outfit Four: Uptown Chic (Statement Piece: Bold Blazer)


I purposely made this outfit plain looking with the light-washed jeans and the white vest. The plain ballet flats go along with the nude bag. This is an all neutral outfit, but to make a minor change would transform it…


Further interchanging…


What I really love about this blazer is that you can make the mint cuffs disappear whenever you need them to…

Light Pink Blazer (River Island £40), Vest (River Island £6), RI Nude Bag (River Island £16)

Outfit Five: Back to School (Statement Pieces: Denim Shirt + Floral Leggings)


Instead of wearing my denim shirt with plain leggings or jeggings, I thought of mixing it with floral ones and plus a backpack with heart print to mix it up even more.

Denim Shirt (River Island £30), Floral Leggings (New Look), Heart print Back-Pack (Primark £9)

So they were my five interchangeable looks, I used some of the same pieces for a different outfit, making them capsule statement pieces with no boring bits. Hope I’ve given you some inspiration on this seasons looks.

Delicate Jewellery

4 May

…and other pieces.

I’m loving delicate jewellery for quite a while, I’ve always been into statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings and spend a lot of money on them and don’t wear anymore. I think it all started when I could not be bothered to clasp on a heavy necklace or being tired of big rings weighing my fingers down. I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping lately and thought that I should do my first blog haul on them and maybe outfit of the days (not forgetting my nail art). I put these jewellery in a separate post first since I have quite a lot of stuff and I also wanted to talk about my love for delicate jewellery.

I just think smaller jewellery means so much more and add a tiny hint of sophistication.

The four ‘delicate’ pieces I bought recently were from River Island’s new collection and I am absolutely in love with them, they even have different packaging (a more recycled-looking cardboard type for them). I tried to do very close focuses on them so that you can see them very closely as you would in real life. I’ve also taken photos of other earrings I bought wear that are a bit statementy! Just couldn’t resist buying some pairs of big oh so millie miami earrings!

This first one is my favourite ‘delicate jewellery’ buy of 2012, it’s so cute, it says sweetheart. I put it on my wrist so that you get an idea of the size, as with the other jewellery in my hands.

Aren’t those little tiny ‘love’ studs soooo cute? They are absolutely tiny and they have even got me thinking about getting a second piercing on my ears this summer, oh I must. They are absolutely tinier than your usual ‘love’ studs.

In the third photo are your typical gold wrap studs but they’re so tiny and I think they would look so good with a navy smart dress, or anything really, I’m just being very particular again.

 I love these tiny pearl encrusted studs, I’ve never seen teeny tiny pearls altogether or even on their own and I am sure I would so buy if they were.

Now for my millie miami trend earring…

I love the colour, it was most striking to me, I even noticed it from far off. These are so me, and so this season, I will be saving these for the warmer weather, maybe wear them with a plain maxi dress? Or something dusty pink or pastel. Either way, these are absolutely gorgeously statementy!

Something similar…

Something else…

 these were from Forever21 for only £1.50 if I can remember, I love that you can see your skin through he petals.

Now for something slightly peculiar…

 Photo frame earrings? Fabric earrings? I bought these a while back, they’re so uncommon and that is what I really love about them.

I have my Shopping Haul, Outfit of the Day and American inspired Nail Art Step-by-Step How To (as promised) coming up during the next few weeks…or days, so stay tuned. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this read.

Confessions of a Fashionista: I’m a Magpie…well…A Tag Collecting One

9 Apr

I KEEP tags! Well…only pretty tags. I just cannot throw them away!


River Island

I love the classic River Island tags because they just look like they’re quilted, but quilted paper. I love anything quilted and so very Chanel.


Other River Island Tags I kept…

Ok so, moving onto Miso Vintage. I love the delicate colours and as you can see the round pastel blue and pink ones have real buttons attached! ACTUAL REAL buttons. Oh and the cream one with the lace is beautiful, I just love how they thought to use lace instead of a bit of plastic. You can just feel the amount of thought that has gone into producing these beautiful tags. These are my favourites of ALL! They’re just so delicate and cute.

 Ribbon and Red or Dead from Bank

And I keep these pretty little things in this pretty little gold box…

…as well as the spare buttons I get with the buttoned clothes I buy.

TOP TIP 1: Always keep the buttons in their plastic packaging they come in, so this way they won’t get damaged by rubbing against each other or any sharp or pointy object. TOP TIP 2: Always keep them in the same pot, a small one as soon as you cut it off your tag, this way you will never ever forget about them or lose them.

So I think I have come to the conclusion of why I collect pretty little tags. They reflect what I like in fashion, I love to buy anything lacey, pearly, buttoned and PASTEL clothing! I’d like to know what you think of my collecting tags confession and whether you do the same too!


Confessions of a Fashionista: High St Competition

3 Apr

The second of my ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ themed series, I have come to realise that it isn’t only High St vs High End, but, High St in competition within themselves.

I bought a pair of pearl and diamante encrusted pearl sandals that I have just recently blogged about, only to find the same thing in another shop for an even lower price.

This is River Island‘s one, click here to see my recent post about it.

And this is New Look‘s for only £17.99


However, there could be something in the difference with quality of the sandal.

But, this is not the only High Street copy-cats caught…

ImageThis ponte striped skater dress was spotted in New Look for 24.99, while River Island with the Elle Edit Fashion Show showed us something very similar!

 Although, it could be argued they are different with respect to arm length

Here’s a New Look vs Republic…

Image Republic Dress

Image New Looks Rendition

You could argue it to be ‘just the trend’ but I have seen very similar and even the same dresses from one shop to another.

[All stock images from mentioned websites]

All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Summer Party Season FLATS!

1 Apr


Who says you need a pair of 6 inch heels and come home with ache at the balls of your feet for a Summer Party?

With these gorgeous River Island pearl and diamante embellished flats, you could put all those heel feet at envy. So for all you tall girls out there who worry about towering over everyone including the guys, you don’t have to go looking for mid-heel party shoes, because heels aren’t the only glamour.

I love pearls more than anything, pearly jewellery, pearl embellished clothing, like one of my pearl embellishes shoulders dresses. Pearls, as I mentioned in another post is big this season. River Island also have a coral pearl embellished peter pan colour top which was one from the Elle Edit in the Elle with River Island’s Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Launch. Paint your toe-nails coral, pink or red, or anything pastel, to add that summery edge to night-time or day-time party. I haven’t got much more to say about these,  I’m sure they pretty much speak for themselves.

And here are the rest…

Pearl and Diamante Embellished Sandals River Island £29.99

Confessions of a Fashionista: Labels, Tags, and Prices.

30 Mar

As you noticed from the ‘Confessions of a Fashionista’ title, I am doing a couple of posts based on the shopaholic in me and the shopaholics in the world. So along with the trend posts and other fashion posts I am doing a themed series of posts based on me being a Shopaholic and the true meaning of what it is like to be a ‘Shopaholic’. I was thinking about this while planning my short story ‘Shopaholic’ and thought about doing a post about something that Elisa – my main character in the story –  faces a lot. That being Designer Labels!

Does it really matter how much your dress or pair of skinnies cost? Does it matter what brand? Is there much of a difference between a pair of DKNY jeans and River Island jeans?

This is a topic that has been boggling minds of millions of fashion related tv shows including Gok’s Clothes Roadshow and many others. All helping us Recessionista’s achieve high-end style in high street prices.

But is there the same novelty?

We immediately feel more privileged with the better label. It is the influence of all those magazines, Victoria Beckham and elite shops. With this ever-increasing world of celeb-land we are constantly fed that their wardrobes ooze quality, style and are just simply better than our high street clobber.

I know that I instantly feel good in something more pricey, I feel as if it feels different and a couple of days after, the novelty of it still hasn’t worn off. It’s my guilty feel good splurge now and then.

Even High Street shops like Jack Wills who make their online Outlet something exclusive making us want want want even though we might not have wanted, had they been like any other Outlet. With the membership only rule we want them even more!

[Image from Jack Wills]


And Hollister, an American clothes brand, who apparently make you queue outside their store to get in!

Is it this idea of exclusiveness  making us feel privileged to own a logo or a name and not preference of style itself?

The conclusion I have come to is that we have been infected by this want of something seemingly better, and I know I have.

(Leather Chanel bag made to look like a cardboard shopping bag. Image from Trendland)



All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

The Hidden Height Booster!

23 Mar



[Image from River Island]

I was browsing River Island yesterday and I came across these High-Tops and thought and wanted to report about it straight away! This has a hidden heel, I have always thought that wedges or hidden platforms sort of did the job. I love the idea of a hidden heel. The idea of no one knowing you’re not as tall as you look is exciting. It’s like being able to lie about being tall.

I am already tall, but I can never ever be separated from my heels, and I think I want these high-tops myself – but they’d have to be pink. They’re big this season and have made it to music sensation Lana Del Rey’s feet too.

Of course, they are a bit on the boyish side, but I like a twist from my girliness now and then. Let me know what you think of these.



All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Baby Satchel?

14 Mar

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I’ve not even seen anything from a cute little kitten or a baby as cute as this purse. This is River Island’s best ever little accessory. I love most of River Island’s beautiful little pieces, but this has got to top them all off. I fell in love with this cute little beauty as soon as I saw it.

It makes me feel like I’m a giant picking up a cute little bag as it feels exactly the same as a real satchel bag, except a very very smaller version as you can see from the pictures, look at the size of it against my hand.

I love the fact that it has the key ring and the brown strap so that I can slide the purse through my wrist.

So I’ve ditched my normal purse (which was not sensible as this one does not have card slots or any other compartment on the inside) and it sits inside my normal sized Satchel, which I now call, mummy satchel. It’s got to be the most unique thing ever invented, it’s one of those things where when you go out with it people would notice and comment due to it’s uniqueness. I have never seen anything like this.

I love the navy stripes, very sailor like, which the rich brown and cream, not to forget the RI signature.

Satchel Purse River Island £10

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