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All Prepped Up | Outfit of the Day

4 Nov


I’ve been feeling a bit boyish lately, actually for a very long time now. I was always a dress-girl but don’t get me wrong I still love wearing dresses and especially in the winter since I can throw it on with leggings and a chunky cardigan.

I have been wearing shirts and sweaters with jeans A LOT. Maybe it’s been due to the rise of the coloured and patterned skinnies that are still around during these cold months. I just can’t get enough of my jeans, I always hated jeans and once upon a time only owned two pairs! TWO pairs! And that wasn’t long ago.

Today I put on this Gingham Check Shirt with Bright Pink skinny jeans. As well as boyish this shirt makes me feel a bit preppy. I thought I should brighten up this look with wearing these jeans again. I’ve been wearing it with my navy jumpers and the contrast is so daring but it looks great and I think it’s a nice twist to the boyfriend fit shirt. I bought this a size up without trying it on as I do with all shirt and I kind of regret it since it does fit a big baggy on me.


And just to calm it down I wore plain black pallet flats.

New Look Cotton Gingham Shirt

Topshop Motto Kristen High-Waisted Jeans


This look is a bit daring to pull off and I am nervous to put it up and out there but I am excited to know what you think of it. Hope you like!



Sweaters are Boring!

17 Sep


It is just the beginning of Autumn and I want to stay looking and feeling my best but the cold mornings just make me want to throw on a warm sweater and a pair of jeans without even thinking about it. In this post I am going to show you how I spiced up my sweater this cold morning…

ImageIn the photo above I am wearing a striped navy and grey knit sweater (Hollister £34) with a pair of dark washed (New Look) super skinny jeans. This is what I would normally wear when I have just rolled out of bed on a cold morning but this morning, on impulse, I grabbed my bright pink skinnies and threw them on with this sweater and thought ‘Wow that actually really works!’


I bought these jeans (Topshop Motto Kristen Jeans £40) during the summer and it worked really well with my summer tops but I never thought of incorporating this into my Autumn wardrobe at all until today. These jeans really brighten me up both literally and emotionally, I feel so much more happier wearing my bright colours, and they also brighten up the sweater.

I’m still so in love with my coloured denim that I can’t let Autumn take them away from me and this is one of the ways I am wearing my bright colours against the swarm of greys and blacks I am going to be surrounded by this Autumn/Winter. This is why it’s so great to experiment with the pieces you already have, now I can get wear out of my coloured jeans and feel great during the chilly months.

To calm the look down a bit I wore this with a tan coloured pair of ballet flats.


If you’re not daring enough to try this look out but still want to make a bit of effort on your sweater-jeans outfit you could wear coloured flats instead and turn up the jeans at the end to create a really relaxed but thought about look…



Confessions of a Fashionista: High St Competition

3 Apr

The second of my ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ themed series, I have come to realise that it isn’t only High St vs High End, but, High St in competition within themselves.

I bought a pair of pearl and diamante encrusted pearl sandals that I have just recently blogged about, only to find the same thing in another shop for an even lower price.

This is River Island‘s one, click here to see my recent post about it.

And this is New Look‘s for only £17.99


However, there could be something in the difference with quality of the sandal.

But, this is not the only High Street copy-cats caught…

ImageThis ponte striped skater dress was spotted in New Look for 24.99, while River Island with the Elle Edit Fashion Show showed us something very similar!

 Although, it could be argued they are different with respect to arm length

Here’s a New Look vs Republic…

Image Republic Dress

Image New Looks Rendition

You could argue it to be ‘just the trend’ but I have seen very similar and even the same dresses from one shop to another.

[All stock images from mentioned websites]

All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Confessions of a Fashionista: Labels, Tags, and Prices.

30 Mar

As you noticed from the ‘Confessions of a Fashionista’ title, I am doing a couple of posts based on the shopaholic in me and the shopaholics in the world. So along with the trend posts and other fashion posts I am doing a themed series of posts based on me being a Shopaholic and the true meaning of what it is like to be a ‘Shopaholic’. I was thinking about this while planning my short story ‘Shopaholic’ and thought about doing a post about something that Elisa – my main character in the story –  faces a lot. That being Designer Labels!

Does it really matter how much your dress or pair of skinnies cost? Does it matter what brand? Is there much of a difference between a pair of DKNY jeans and River Island jeans?

This is a topic that has been boggling minds of millions of fashion related tv shows including Gok’s Clothes Roadshow and many others. All helping us Recessionista’s achieve high-end style in high street prices.

But is there the same novelty?

We immediately feel more privileged with the better label. It is the influence of all those magazines, Victoria Beckham and elite shops. With this ever-increasing world of celeb-land we are constantly fed that their wardrobes ooze quality, style and are just simply better than our high street clobber.

I know that I instantly feel good in something more pricey, I feel as if it feels different and a couple of days after, the novelty of it still hasn’t worn off. It’s my guilty feel good splurge now and then.

Even High Street shops like Jack Wills who make their online Outlet something exclusive making us want want want even though we might not have wanted, had they been like any other Outlet. With the membership only rule we want them even more!

[Image from Jack Wills]


And Hollister, an American clothes brand, who apparently make you queue outside their store to get in!

Is it this idea of exclusiveness  making us feel privileged to own a logo or a name and not preference of style itself?

The conclusion I have come to is that we have been infected by this want of something seemingly better, and I know I have.

(Leather Chanel bag made to look like a cardboard shopping bag. Image from Trendland)



All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Splash of Colour!

11 Mar

I’m so excited about comfy, colourful, very soft cotton jeans and trousers for the coming season that I just want to buy every single colour at River Island. I know I so should not do this, it’s hurting my credit card really badly. Especially since my new years resolution was not to shop crazy and to also save money.

I’ve never been this excited about trousers, but the coming season gives skinnies the credit they deserve. Everything was about pretty dresses over some boring black or grey leggings. These skinnies are just as comfy and super soft with amazing quality that you can just feel oozing from them all, every single one of them. I always found myself sticking to leggings, tights or jeggings a lot as both my ‘go-to’ clothes and also because of comfort. Soooo, I cannot wait to stand out, everything’s candy-like and they remind me of literal pastels as in chalk pastels.They will help you out on the colour-blocking trend that’s been through Autumn 2011 to right now. They remind me of being a child again and wanting pink trousers or anything pink, it makes me feel young again, and allows me to express the inner-child in me.

[Light-Washed Skinnies and Patch-Work Jeggings to come soon – note, these two are older ones but you can still see them as inspiration]

Pastel Pink Super Skinnies River Island £40, Pastel Blue Super Skinnies River Island £40, Pastel Purple Super Skinnies River Island £30, Toffee/Camel/Tan Super Skinnies Miss Selfridge £38 [Miss Selfridge now have £10 off all coloured denim] Floral Ripped Light-Washed Skinnies New Look £26, Patchwork Jeggings River Island £25

Spring Favourites: Peter Pan, Lace, Pastel Orange

10 Mar

Thiis an all three trends in one vibrant vest from Cameo Rose, New Look. I love the lace detailing on this as well as the colour, they both stand out. The Peter Pan collar is not stuck on, but flaps, as you can see in the second picture and is buttoned up with a cream button from behind. I love the simplicity of this, making you look like you have made such an effort when it is the lace that is doing all the work for you. All you need is pearly studs/earrings, and skinnies. I have teamed this up with Patchwork Leggingss from River Island. To read my post on the seasons trousers click here.


Go Monochrome with Peter Pan!

Yes, another one of this seasons hottest looks is the black and white contrast, even brown and white. This is another beautiful vest, it has a soft velvet touch flower lace detailing and as you may already know, all florals including simple florals, ditsy print florals and floral grunge are big this season. I love that it is see-through, it allows you to decide how the vest would look yourself by changing up what you wear underneath with it. Ideal for nights out, you could team this up with leather look skinnies or wet look Jeggings; it would look great because of the satin feel collar, and would scream Alexa Chung with Lana del Rey.


[Image from standard.co.uk]

Alexa Chung, mixing black and white in a very stylishly formal way, adding a masculine tint to her outfit. 




Lana del Rey clashes black and white similarly, but contrasting even more with a pastel yellow bag giving attention towards her whole outfit.

Peter Pan Collar Coral Lace Vest New Look £19.99, Peter Pan Collar Black and White Lace Vest Internacionale £9.99





[Image from New Look Daily]

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