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Musical Notes Nails

20 Aug



I haven’t posted in ages for being so busy with things and thought that the best way to start was with a good old nail art post. This is one of my clear coated nail art designs. I am soon to categorise all my nail art designs since I have been doing so many more than expected on a regular basis and this will be categorised in the ‘clear coated’ section, so look out for it if you’re loving my simple designs.

I have used…



I have used Topshop’s nail art pen in NightRider, and No7’s So Bright nail brightener as a top coat. I ave shown all other items and tools for inspiration if you haven’t access to these two.

That’s right, only two things needed for this simple design.

I simply googled ‘musical notes’ and will show you what pictures I worked with. I did not use a base coat as I find my nail art pen works best directly on the nail and since it’s a small design it won’t stain my nails as much.

Step 1: Draw a circle (one circle for single notes and two for double notes) and as I always say, don’t worry about it being neat and round, or any of it really. The best part of my nail art deigns is having fun and not worrying about messing it up because if you do, you will mess it up.


Step 2: Draw the vertical line/s needed and then continue on to the horizontal stem or stop and take a breath for doing such a straight line and then do your horizontal stem.

Step 3: After it’s super-fast dry go over it with a coat of tinted clear nail polish. I used my all time favourite No7 Nail Brightener. Nude tints look good too, like Elf’s ‘Innocent’ pictured in the ‘I used’ section.

And you are done! That’s it, just three steps!

I ended up not continuing with my forefinger and went straight for the trickier note…



As this is such a close shot you can see that this trickier note was pretty tricky to do as the lines are not pristine straight, but from a normal distant everything looks perfect…

Hope you too have fun trying out any of my clear coated nail designs or better yet, THIS one and show me how it goes.


Topshop Nail Art Pen

1 Aug

I’ve always been using brushes for my nail art while always on the lookout for a good nail art pen. After receiving faulty/damaged nail art tools or ones that just don’t work well enough I wanted to be careful with the nail art pen I bought. Since I have heard a lot of good things about Topshop’s Nail Art pens I decided to purchase one AND they happened to have free shipping that day.

ImageThis is in black and called Nightrider, and I am thinking of purchasing some other colours.

Excited about the free shipping of course I bought other things, among them was this really exciting green shade. I’ve never seen a green like this and it is just the same colour as the picture on the website. I say ‘exciting’ because it really does excite me, there’s something about the vibrance of it.


I’m really excited about everything I purchased nail wise, and I am looking forward to doodling on my nails and sharing them with you. Expect to see some more nail art!

Cute Ladybug Nails

7 Jul


I wanted to try something more simple, cute and literally light, so when I noticed ladybugs on Alexa Chung’s twitter photo I had to try them out. Doing nail designs always weighs down my fingertips because of the amount of coats needed for the design but this is lighter and also more natural looking in a way since I haven’t done a coloured background. I have actually been trying to think of ways to keep my nail clear coated but still with some sort of design because I really like the shape and tips of my nails naturally. So this is perfect and what’s more, you don’ have to wait for a layer to dry until going to the next step (until the final step when applying top coat).

I did my ladybugs at an angle and almost at the tip of my nail to create the effect of them crawling. I know real ladybugs have black on the top of their heads but I didn’t want to be too fussy about it deatil, either way it’d still look ladybird/ladybug to me.

To keep it looking natural I decided to use a clear coat as the base, I used No7’s So Bright Nail Brightener which instantly brightens up your nails, making it look more lighter brighter and healthier.


What else I used:

Barry M Matt WhiteRimmel London Lycra Pro Coral Romance and Barry M Black.  I particularly like Rimmel’s Coral Romance as a red, it’s so bright and orangy red (simply coral really).

You’ll notice the background effect when the ladybird clashes against it.

Step 1: Apply Nail Brightener or any other base, it could even be a coloured base.

Step 2: Use your nail paint brush to create an oval shape, don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect, it isn’t noticeable when you add the finishing touches. TIP: To make sure it isn’t all blobby go over it with a hair grip removing any excess nail paint but careful not to remove too much.


Step 3: With a nail art brush (dip the brush into your chosen colour, black) draw in the antennas, again, you don’t have to worry about perfection, this was a surprisingly easy step.



Step 4: Add the black dots (as many or as little as you like) with a hair grip end by dabbing the end into the nail paint bottle careful not to take up too much. Dot it onto your ladybirds. Note: Application is easier when you pull the hair grip apart as shown in many of my nail art posts.


You may want to do smaller black dots as legs on their sides, but it doesn’t really matter a you can’t see their legs when you look down on an actual ladybug.

Step 5: Give your ladybug some eyes with the same method as you did the black dots.


Step 6: Just go over with a clear top coat for protection. Or if you want to leave it this way like I sometimes do since I hate the weight it gives on my fingernails, you can do this since this nail design isn’t all blobby with lot’s of tricky steps.



A closer look…



Coming up…

Swallow/Bird Print Nails!


How To Wear Coloured Jeans

Colour-block trend Nails!

13 Jun

I know the last few nail art designs I have done so far have been rather complicated to do but this one is really quick and easy and I love it so much that I have done this with many other colours. I just wanted to share my more ‘tropical’ one with you. As you may already be aware that tropical styled clothes are everywhere this holiday season and this colour-block nail art adds the finishing touch to your tropical look.

You will need, ANY two colours that are compatible. I used…

– My regular Base and Top Coat.

– Rimmel London Lycra Pro in Coral Romance

– Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Tangerine Queen


Step 1: As always apply basecoat and let it dry.


Step 2: Apply your lightest colour.


Step 3: Carefully apply the second colour on the other half of your nail, whichever half you prefer of course. I found this very easy and maybe it was Rimmel’s mistake free application brush that helped a lot. You may wish to use a thin nail art brush to create a neat line or masking tape as I use for some of my nail art.


Feeling Patriotic! British Flag Nails!

6 Jun


During the Jubilee weekend I thought of doing flag nails! To change it up a bit, I painted my ring finger all blue (although it did take an internal debate to decide whether I should choose red or blue). As it is hard to apply nail polish with your left hand (if you’re right-handed) I thought I’d just use block colours for my right hand and it still looks great!

To create this I used nail art brushes, Barry M 3 in 1 Base Coat Top Coat and Hail HardenerCobalt Blue, Bright Red and Matt White. (Photos up soon)

Step 1: Apply basecoat.

Step 2: Apply the white. (Using the white as the base instead of blue brightens up the red and blue bits of the flag).


Step 3: Carefully line in the red cross with a thin nail art brush, make sure to do thin lines, especially for shorter or smaller fingernails.



Don’t worry about letting the line cross over to your skin, it works better when you feel like you have one less thing to worry about.

Step 4: Draw on another cross with diagonal lines crossing over the other crosses. You can do a block colour on your ring finger if you like or have all your nails with the flag.



Step 5: The tedious bit. Draw on small triangle lines and then fill them in, remember to not cover the entire space as you need the white parts to show as the white lines of the flag.



Step 6: Do this with all nails, and again, don’t worry about it being all messy, a cotton bud with a little nail polish remover can fix that. Then go over the nails with a top coat which will keep the flags from smudging.



Step 7: Finally, the block nails. Don’t forget base coat!


Daisy Nails with Elf’s Mint Cream

27 May


To go VERY pastel I decided to combine my most loved spring colour; the mint green with my yellow and white in one nail art design to create FLORAL NAILS! The floral trend doesn’t have to stop at your dresses or shorts, you can dress up your nails too!

Elf’s Mint Cream provides the perfect background and base for this flower design, it does all the work with an all over pastel finish. I’m loving my daisies, so I can’t stop doing daisy nails all the time!

To achieve these nails, you will need:


I used: Barry M 3 in 1 Clear, Elf Mint Cream, Collection 2000 Lemon Soda, Barry M Matt White



…a hair grip pulled apart which I used to create the petal dots.

Step 1: Apply base coat


Step 2: After base coat has dried, apply Elf’s Mint Cream


Step 3: After the mint green is dry, dab your hair grip end into you yellow nail polish (Collection 2000 Lemon Soda)


Instead of directly putting the hair grip into the bottle I took a bit from the brush, that way I can see and control how much I take, you only need a little.

Step 4: Carefully dab small dots (I would recommend three spaced out yellow dots to make room for the white petals, it all depends on the size of your nails too)


Step 5: Time for the almost-finished-and-I’m-so-excited part.

Do the same with the white petals but I would suggest first letting the yellow to dry otherwise they can run into each other. Do 5 – 6 dots. I stuck with 5, and maybe just 2 on your little finger.


And the end result!


This post is an entry to the Elf Friday Favourites Competition. If you want to enter the elf competition to be in with a chance of winning e.l.f Nail Polish in Innocent and their Cuticle Nail oil, simply click on the button below. Have fun and Good Luck!

Me, my e.l.f and I

Go American Inspired!

8 May

As promised, I bring you American inspired nail art!

You will need:

All BarryM

3 in 1 Clear & Matt White

Bright Red & Cobalt Blue

(You don’t have to use the colours I use, the american flag has been incorporated into so many different things in so many different shades)

You will also need to cut masking tape into teeny tiny little strips the same measurement and thickness to each other, like this…

I apologies for not having a separate photo but I think this photo pretty much demonstrates the size (I recommend  3-4 mm).

Step 1: Apply basecoat, let it dry

Step 2: Apply the white nail polish

(I really don’t like this white and regret buying it, it’s all blobby, I recommend any other trusted brand.)

Step 3: Stick on the masking tape, make sure to apply it so that you don’t trap any air and that it is firmly stuck to your nails. (I tried to remove the masking tape when my nails felt like they were dry but when I removed the masking tap it peeled off all my white nail polish!) I would suggest waiting 25 minutes before putting on the masking tape.

Step 3: Very carefully apply the red nail polish but make sure to only have a light amount on the brush.

As you can probably see, I went with a very BIG chunk of masking tape on the end, but it was ok for this as it was the red stripe on the end. After doing this wait for the paint to settle before removing the masking tape (you don’t need to wait for it to completely dry, but do wait for it to settle as it would cause your red to run if you don’t.)

Step 4:

 Place two new strips of masking tape like so.

Continue with this for the rest of your nails…

…it can look very nautical.

Step 5: After all the red has dried…

All you have to do is accurately and on the correct spot (to the left of every nail) apply the blue. If you don’t believe you will be able to do this accurately, don’t worry, a little bit of a wobbly line won’t be noticed, but if you really think you need some help, try using making tape for this too, to create the perfect rectangle. Remember, since all your nails ar a different size, cut individual sizes out for this part particularly. It doesn’t particularly matter with the strips bit if you’re a perfectionist then by all means perfect!

And that is all!

Let me know of what you think of my method and if you have tried it and been successful with it.

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