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Hygiene Proof!

30 Aug

Since my online shop took to storm I have been sharing my excitement with you here on my blog and also sharing my newbie selling experiences along the way. This is another packaging post, I have previously done a whole post on how I package and packaging recommendations, but in this one I am talking about hygiene.

I like to allow flexibility to my buyers and never constraint them on any buying commitments, this is why I allow returns on earrings too, but only with the hygiene seal in tact.

I have made my own hygiene seal for all my earrings and ensured and all seals have my signature, Malia, so that they cannot be replaced.

I recently sold these bright blue polka dot fabric earrings, if that’s bad news for you, there’s two more in different styles that are currently on clearance, so hurry and snap them up before they expire.


I also customise my invoices so they are more friendly and so that I can include offers in them, here’s a peak into an invoice with name and address covered of course…Image

I love my bubble wrap, here I’ve used it to provide that last bit of protection on these delicate earrings…Image

I hope I have inspired you into making your shop more buyer friendly and to protect your items.



Postage & Packaging…invoices too!

15 Mar

As promised in my February Missing I am doing a How-to on how I package the items I sell in my collection on ASOS. This is another non-fashion related video on my ‘There’s more to life…’ idea as I mentioned in my Anniversary post.

Today I received a new order and as my promise for same day (or next day shipping) I shipped the item today. This meant I needed to package and post it off by 5pm today. Although the title of this post says ‘Postage & Packaging’, I am only discussing the packaging side of things.

oversizedpearl oversizedpearl.jpg2

The way you package the item impacts on the buyers first impression of you as a seller and whether you are worth buying from again. Doesn’t everyone love pretty packaging and nice words? The best packaging I have had from a high street store is Zara who box all their items and wrap them in a tissue/tracing paper like paper sealed with a round sticker. This is a more gift-like packaging. Now, I am not saying you should go all out and purchase the works, but a little thought will go a long way, even as far as the customer’s opinion on the item!

As you will find out I am a big fan on the tissue like paper wrapping on items. It adds a delicate touch to it and gives the impression that the seller really cares about the product they are selling you and have a high regard for its worth themselves.

I am not an experienced seller, I have only sold my first item last month. This is all new to me and I thought that any newbies out there could also relate to me. Nothing here will therefore be complex or too hard for you to understand either, as I am new to the whole selling world too. These are only the basics on packaging. This is my experiences shared to you!

Here are my holy grail when it comes to packaging…


Tissue paper/tracing paper:

This is the extra TLC an item needs.

Bubble Wrap:

Essential must have.

Jiffy Bag (internal bubble wrap envelop)

Added bubble protection, I would go as far as saying that this is essential too!

Sticky label:

Better than writing over the jiffy bag, a more professional take, next to a printed label.

I started with the wrapping of the necklace with the tissue paper. This worked as added protection from the bubble wrap. And the customer will take pleasure in ripping it open to find a beautiful necklace.


Wrap all around and secure it will tape. As you may have noticed I added last minute protection. I realised that the necklace sides may bang against each other so added a crunched up card in between.


The final stage is wrapping it up with the bubble wrap all nice and snug, not too tight though and tape it so it stays.


Finally, I decided to create my own invoice. ASOS do give you a pre-made one but I created my own logo at the end of my invoice, reserving ASOS’s rights by keeping their logo in its usual place. This will now represent my collection, I love it!

Here is what it looks like…


(I will put up the actual invoice – name and address removed of course – so you can see what it looks like completely)

February Missing

11 Mar

I haven’t posted for over half a month now, as I have been so busy trying to do the biggest things I wanted to achieve this year. February has been a very busy and stressful month for me. I have been trying to accomplish all my 2013 goals just after my January Blues and I think I am really getting there!

Making a Sale


After listing so many of my clothes on eBay last year and constantly knocking down the prices I still never made a sale. Not one.

I then came across an ASOS Marketplace flyer advertising that I could make unlimited listings every month for free and pay only when I sell. So I listed all my items after hours of photo taking. One day, to my surprise I got an email from ASOS notifying me that someone had just made me an offer below my asking price. I accepted straight away!

I have 20 items in my collection and if you’re one of my blog followers and are interested in purchasing 2 or more of my products, comment below for an exclusive Promo Code!

If you, like me, have been trying to sell but have never succeeded, I will try to do a photo-tips post as well as P&P post so that you can make the first impression as well as a lasting impression with your shop!

Getting a Job/Internship 

After reading countless ‘How to Create a Winning CV’ books for nearly a year and being unsuccessful in job interviews I landed myself into the perfect part time job in February. What’s more impressive was that I got the interview the night after sending off the application and got the job the day after the interview! This was one of my biggest accomplishments and just what I needed as I was brought to the point of believing myself to be completely unemployable when I have so much to give.

Passing my Driving Test

This has been one of the most emotional roller-coasters of my life. I had failed countless driving tests for small reasons like…

– “parking too far away from the curb” and in the next test…

– “parking too close to the curb” and in another test…

– “not looking long enough in the rear-view mirror”…etc etc etc.

These are the most ridiculous reasons to fail me, especially because my general driving and manoeuvres were said to be POLISHED to PERFECTION. I had spend exactly 12 months failing tests for small reasons whilst others were passing with more faults than mine. I went home crying over my fail sheets showing only 1 minor and 1 so-called “serious”. This has led me to realise how these driving tests are only a matter of LUCK. This is very unfair. Just as I was on the point of taking legal action I had passed my 6th test, tears of relief over-whelmed me and I have since looked at my life so differently. This may sound like a bit too much for a ‘driving test’ but this test meant so much to me, so much so that it was having a detrimental effect on other parts of my life. I am now so appreciative of the smallest things.

I am therefore going to be doing a post about my whole experience and everything that I have learnt from it, if you are in the same position as me I hope that you could benefit from it.

Jewellery Added to My Collection!

9 Mar

As you may already know, I have started my own collection of clothes and accessories on ASOS. I am so excited as I have snapped up a few photos of the jewellery that I have and have just listed a few of them.



Chunky Chain Bracelet

This is a River Island chunky chain design bracelet perfect add-on to spice up any outfit. I am allowed to list this as FREE DELIVERY but only for a limited time.

I also have other offers, where if you buy multiple items from my collection you could get shipping for as low as £0.59 or even FREE.

To view all other items I have listed click on the images below or go straight to my entire collection.




More to come…





I have 20 items in my collection and if you’re one of my blog followers and are interested in purchasing 2 or more of my products, comment below for an exclusive Promo Code!


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How to Save as a Student…completely JOBLESS

25 Nov

I had been finding it hard to save money, I never thought a budget was important and my money spending was spiraling out of control.  Ever since starting University I was spending my own money a lot more since I was in charge of my own finances. Every shopping trip was an impulse with no budget. I have learnt a lot through these experiences and I am going to share them with you.

Card Convenience

I rarely used cash to shop because of the connivence a debit card provided. It also never felt like I was spending money – only plastic. Giving away a few twenties and then seeing your purse note-less would make you realise your spending habits. What I was doing was pushing my card into a little machine and pressing four digits and pulling it out again and MAGIC everything was mine now. The plastic was still in my purse but the money was going out of my bank.

You might think, ‘oh I can keep an eye on my money’, but what there is also to be aware of is using two or three cards. Spending £59.99 on one card, £45.00 on another and £19.99 on another will psychologically make you believe you have spent less when really it totals up to £124.98.

I have now tried to use cash more and more unless I am paying for something big, because you can’t be carrying large sums of cash around with you. In the inevitable circumstance its ok to use your card.

When I go on a shopping trip I try not to take my card with me, only cash and it really helps because I have a forced budget right there with me stopping me buying a lot of things and stopping me feeling like I have unlimited money.


Another issue I had was the irresistible urge for that tartan scarf or another pair of coloured jeans. This was triggered by advertisements that I voluntarily chose to let myself be taken in by. These advertisements are the subscriptions. UNSUBSCRIBE UNUBSCRIBE UNSCUBRIBE!!! When you sign up to shops online untick the ‘receive newsletters and exclusive offers’ box.

If you really can’t stay away from the subscriptions then make a separate email address you know you won’t need to log on for anything else but subscriptions but of course only if you can trust yourself from not signing in everyday.

Also if you don’t want junk mail don’t sign up to anything else, they do promise; ‘we won’t sell your details to any third party…’, but they do!

Shop websites entice you into signing up to their newsletter; New Look say, ‘Win clothes for a year!’ Now I am not one for negativity, but really? What are the chances of that happening?

Some others offer a 20% off introductory offer for signing up to their newsletter. Sign up, use that offer, and unsubscribe! Also only use that offer if there are items on that website that you actually need which leads me to my next point.


Don’t buy things you don’t love. Don’t compromise with what you buy, ‘Hmm this dress is ok but I don’t like the cut, oh well, it’s only £25.00.’

Sale Psychology

We seem to think that something that once cost £150 and has gone down to £75 is worth buying. I spent a lot more money on items on sale more than anything, and most of them I have only worn once or never wore. Nothing is worth buying unless you really need or want it. Think, if this was not on sale, would I buy it?


Unless you have something you really want, don’t buy! I have sometimes been in the situation where it was 23:59 and I was trying to get to checkout before the free delivery offer ended and most of those items were returned. Don’t rush. They have done this to rush you. When Superdrug have their free delivery I end up spending over £25, which is their standard price for free delivery on an ordinary day. So free delivery isn’t all that. There will always be free delivery offers as well as others and they come by all the time.

20% off is NOTHING

I used to get excited about 20% off student nights and codes but really they are nothing. It’s not worth being pushed and shoved and waiting in long queue full of students for only £20 off your £100 purchase. It’s only two pence off the pound!

The Dreaded Savings

Saving had been my biggest challenge. It took a lot of effort and even tears for me to finally grasp the idea of saving. The only time I was able to save was a few pennies in the piggy bank when I was seven years old. I never knew how to save or how to go about saving and every time I attempted to put a tenner in the money box it was out and spent the very next day.

I researched a lot about saving, some advice helped for a week or two but I had to find something tailored to my saving needs. One of my biggest issues was my regard for money, and through this I discovered the psychology behind saving. That is, believing that 20 pence isn’t much.

  1. Every penny counts. It’s really true what they say. I have battled with this issue for a very long time thinking I would have to save a fiver a day but that didn’t work.
  2. Don’t pressurise yourself to save but keep a savings goal. A lovely friend of mine made me a savings chart on excel. This totalled the amount I saved each day showing up at the end of each month the grand total. It also had a section where I was to put in how much I spent that day and for however much I spent I was required to save 20% of the total spent. On top of that I had a daily savings goal of £1.00. I know it doesn’t sound much but just think you could save £365 by the end of the year and if that doesn’t sound much to you then look at this. I can also save as much or as little as I like each day, be it 2 pence or £5 and sometimes I exceed my goal and it makes me so happy. It is such a booster. This savings goal was completely tailored to me, I was able to do this by identifying my weaknesses and what I needed.
  3. If that is a bit too much for you another idea for saving is, putting away any extra money in a jar (again with the ‘every penny counts’ principle) but not to pressurise yourself into saving a lot. Put a sticky label on it saying the total amount you wish to save, it could be as little as £10. When you eventually get to that total amount goal you can spend it after that on anything you like. This would make you feel so good about splurging towards an over-priced dress. If you feel motivated to save more, take the £10 out or however much is your limit and bank it straight away.

Savings Account:

– Set up a savings account or ISA. Get an appointment with your bank about savings accounts. You could catergorise your money and even rename your accounts; one could be called ‘life savings’ and another ‘general saving’ and of course you’ll have your ‘current account’. If you don’t want to end up spending your student loan you could have a separate account called ‘student loans’. This would help you visualize your spending habits and keep track of your money.

– Don’t have a large amount of money on the card that you use regularly. If it were stolen it would be harder for the bank to recover the    amount. Only have what you would spend each month so say as a student £500?

– If you work, set up a standing order where a portion of all the money is set up to go into your savings account.

The Secret Compartment

Sometimes I come into an emergency when I need the taxi home with NO MONEY in my purse. Since then I resolved to have £20 in my purse never to be touched or spent on anything, but that, as you might have already guessed did not work. I’d go into a local store and buy sweets and justify it by saying that I will make it up with another £20, but that never happened.

My purse has a lot of compartments so I put a £20 out of sight in one of the slots I won’t really be able to see. Even now knowing that I have a 20 there I am still not going to go and spend it.

These are my saving tips and what I had been battling with for a year, I hope I’ve helped you on your savings or have given you the idea to save.

Why Do You Wear Makeup? | TAG

30 Oct

I decided to do my first ever TAG after reading Megan from Wonderful You post about this particular tag. I have also been watching Youtube videos on this tag and found myself thinking about how I really feel about make up and thought that it would be worth sharing.

When did you begin to love makeup?

I was never really big on make up. Funnily enough, I actually HATED make up. I hated the feel of the makeup on my face, I could feel it on my face the whole day and could never wait to take it off! Beauty is pain! Though when I was younger around the age of 6 to 8 I would experiment with make up putting blusher on my ENTIRE cheek all the way up my contour line and right down to my chin. I would also use the eye liner to create a wobbly line on my eyelids but put on the lipstick perfectly (at least I thought so at the time).

I began to really appreciate make up when watching Youtube beauty guru’s post about their favourite beauty buys and their tutorials. It was when I was about 18 years old (only a year ago!) that I really got to know make up and began my experimenting and fell for bronzers, highlighters and mascara’s. At the moment I am getting to know BB creams as an alternative to the foundation.

How do you feel without makeup?

I don’t feel as confident as I do when I am wearing make up but I could go out without makeup ANYWHERE and still feel good. However, sometimes I do feel I need to put on some mascara and a bit of lipstick and then I’d feel pretty. Without make up I’d say I still feel good, I never feel the need to wear makeup on unless its some party or big event and even then I’d be fine without! If you told me I could never wear makeup ever again that would be a bit extreme but I just feel that extra good with makeup. I say only mascara for eyes as I hate wearing eye liner simply because of the fact that it’s more time consuming to take off (old habits die hard).

What do you like about makeup? 

I love how make up can compliment fashion. They go so well together, they should be married and it is the main reason why I wear make up. I know it’s a part of enhancing your appearance but fashion is why I am drawn to make up. If I am wearing mostly black I love contrasting it a bright red lipstick. I love looking angelic with wing-lashes and a nude colour lipgloss. I also love how you can change make up due to season, during summer I was bronzing away and this season I am crazy about plum and berry lipsticks.

Three ‘Holy Grail’ Items: 

1. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Mulberry. This is my whack-on-and-get-going lipstick and I am always wearing it when I don’t know what colour to wear or have no time. It’s so moisturising and a faded/dark-red perfect from day to night AND goes with EVERY single outfit/look imaginable.

2. Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt-tip eye liner in 11 noir. This is the only eye liner I have ever really known since starting to wear make up and I bought it on a whim since Boots were having an offer with a Bourjois mascara at the time and I’ve never looked back

3. No7 Exceptional Definition Nutrient Enriched Mascara in 01 Black. I am not big on making my lashes extensively long or volumised. I am only really interested in a mascara that will look absolutely natural and create no clumps or bumps. And this mascara is perfect for that since it has a comb wand and you never get excess mascara on the wand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you’ve been reading this thinking about your answers I’d love to read about what makeup means to you. So TAG you’re it!

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