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Postage & Packaging…invoices too!

15 Mar

As promised in my February Missing I am doing a How-to on how I package the items I sell in my collection on ASOS. This is another non-fashion related video on my ‘There’s more to life…’ idea as I mentioned in my Anniversary post.

Today I received a new order and as my promise for same day (or next day shipping) I shipped the item today. This meant I needed to package and post it off by 5pm today. Although the title of this post says ‘Postage & Packaging’, I am only discussing the packaging side of things.

oversizedpearl oversizedpearl.jpg2

The way you package the item impacts on the buyers first impression of you as a seller and whether you are worth buying from again. Doesn’t everyone love pretty packaging and nice words? The best packaging I have had from a high street store is Zara who box all their items and wrap them in a tissue/tracing paper like paper sealed with a round sticker. This is a more gift-like packaging. Now, I am not saying you should go all out and purchase the works, but a little thought will go a long way, even as far as the customer’s opinion on the item!

As you will find out I am a big fan on the tissue like paper wrapping on items. It adds a delicate touch to it and gives the impression that the seller really cares about the product they are selling you and have a high regard for its worth themselves.

I am not an experienced seller, I have only sold my first item last month. This is all new to me and I thought that any newbies out there could also relate to me. Nothing here will therefore be complex or too hard for you to understand either, as I am new to the whole selling world too. These are only the basics on packaging. This is my experiences shared to you!

Here are my holy grail when it comes to packaging…


Tissue paper/tracing paper:

This is the extra TLC an item needs.

Bubble Wrap:

Essential must have.

Jiffy Bag (internal bubble wrap envelop)

Added bubble protection, I would go as far as saying that this is essential too!

Sticky label:

Better than writing over the jiffy bag, a more professional take, next to a printed label.

I started with the wrapping of the necklace with the tissue paper. This worked as added protection from the bubble wrap. And the customer will take pleasure in ripping it open to find a beautiful necklace.


Wrap all around and secure it will tape. As you may have noticed I added last minute protection. I realised that the necklace sides may bang against each other so added a crunched up card in between.


The final stage is wrapping it up with the bubble wrap all nice and snug, not too tight though and tape it so it stays.


Finally, I decided to create my own invoice. ASOS do give you a pre-made one but I created my own logo at the end of my invoice, reserving ASOS’s rights by keeping their logo in its usual place. This will now represent my collection, I love it!

Here is what it looks like…


(I will put up the actual invoice – name and address removed of course – so you can see what it looks like completely)

Jewellery Added to My Collection!

9 Mar

As you may already know, I have started my own collection of clothes and accessories on ASOS. I am so excited as I have snapped up a few photos of the jewellery that I have and have just listed a few of them.



Chunky Chain Bracelet

This is a River Island chunky chain design bracelet perfect add-on to spice up any outfit. I am allowed to list this as FREE DELIVERY but only for a limited time.

I also have other offers, where if you buy multiple items from my collection you could get shipping for as low as £0.59 or even FREE.

To view all other items I have listed click on the images below or go straight to my entire collection.




More to come…





I have 20 items in my collection and if you’re one of my blog followers and are interested in purchasing 2 or more of my products, comment below for an exclusive Promo Code!


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DIY: A Chambray Denim Shirt

2 Jun


I bought this shirt a couple of years ago, and since I have been loving the top-button-done-up and denim trend all season I decided to give this shirt discreet ones. Instead of sewing on a the spare button I got with this I used a metal hook so that it doesn’t cause much damage or look like there was a button there once before if I ever decide to remove them in future. I usually wore this with vest tops underneath and all buttons open, but now I’m going to try to pull this off on its own.

If you have a similar shirt , you could try this too…


I put on the hook on the inside of the right inside of the collar.


When stitching on the hook on the inside of the collar you should always make sure to not let the stitching reach through all layers of the fabric or you’d be left with a visible knot!


Instead of using the metal one, I decided to make my own thread hoop for the hook to clasp onto. This should be done on the outside of the left side of the collar.


If you ever want to do this, you should make sure your thread hoop is very strong. And this stitching helped me achieve this…



I did the same again halfway down from the collar and the next button…


To figure out how far you should do this you can either measure or do what I did…


…fold it in half by putting the hook against the next button-hole. If this picture isn’t clear…


And here’s how it looks all buttoned and hooked up…



Style Tip: Since this shirt is very long on me, almost reaching my knees, if you have a similar one you could wear it on its own teamed with a pair of bright statement heels.

Delicate Jewellery

4 May

…and other pieces.

I’m loving delicate jewellery for quite a while, I’ve always been into statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings and spend a lot of money on them and don’t wear anymore. I think it all started when I could not be bothered to clasp on a heavy necklace or being tired of big rings weighing my fingers down. I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping lately and thought that I should do my first blog haul on them and maybe outfit of the days (not forgetting my nail art). I put these jewellery in a separate post first since I have quite a lot of stuff and I also wanted to talk about my love for delicate jewellery.

I just think smaller jewellery means so much more and add a tiny hint of sophistication.

The four ‘delicate’ pieces I bought recently were from River Island’s new collection and I am absolutely in love with them, they even have different packaging (a more recycled-looking cardboard type for them). I tried to do very close focuses on them so that you can see them very closely as you would in real life. I’ve also taken photos of other earrings I bought wear that are a bit statementy! Just couldn’t resist buying some pairs of big oh so millie miami earrings!

This first one is my favourite ‘delicate jewellery’ buy of 2012, it’s so cute, it says sweetheart. I put it on my wrist so that you get an idea of the size, as with the other jewellery in my hands.

Aren’t those little tiny ‘love’ studs soooo cute? They are absolutely tiny and they have even got me thinking about getting a second piercing on my ears this summer, oh I must. They are absolutely tinier than your usual ‘love’ studs.

In the third photo are your typical gold wrap studs but they’re so tiny and I think they would look so good with a navy smart dress, or anything really, I’m just being very particular again.

 I love these tiny pearl encrusted studs, I’ve never seen teeny tiny pearls altogether or even on their own and I am sure I would so buy if they were.

Now for my millie miami trend earring…

I love the colour, it was most striking to me, I even noticed it from far off. These are so me, and so this season, I will be saving these for the warmer weather, maybe wear them with a plain maxi dress? Or something dusty pink or pastel. Either way, these are absolutely gorgeously statementy!

Something similar…

Something else…

 these were from Forever21 for only £1.50 if I can remember, I love that you can see your skin through he petals.

Now for something slightly peculiar…

 Photo frame earrings? Fabric earrings? I bought these a while back, they’re so uncommon and that is what I really love about them.

I have my Shopping Haul, Outfit of the Day and American inspired Nail Art Step-by-Step How To (as promised) coming up during the next few weeks…or days, so stay tuned. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this read.

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