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How to Save as a Student…completely JOBLESS

25 Nov

I had been finding it hard to save money, I never thought a budget was important and my money spending was spiraling out of control.  Ever since starting University I was spending my own money a lot more since I was in charge of my own finances. Every shopping trip was an impulse with no budget. I have learnt a lot through these experiences and I am going to share them with you.

Card Convenience

I rarely used cash to shop because of the connivence a debit card provided. It also never felt like I was spending money – only plastic. Giving away a few twenties and then seeing your purse note-less would make you realise your spending habits. What I was doing was pushing my card into a little machine and pressing four digits and pulling it out again and MAGIC everything was mine now. The plastic was still in my purse but the money was going out of my bank.

You might think, ‘oh I can keep an eye on my money’, but what there is also to be aware of is using two or three cards. Spending £59.99 on one card, £45.00 on another and £19.99 on another will psychologically make you believe you have spent less when really it totals up to £124.98.

I have now tried to use cash more and more unless I am paying for something big, because you can’t be carrying large sums of cash around with you. In the inevitable circumstance its ok to use your card.

When I go on a shopping trip I try not to take my card with me, only cash and it really helps because I have a forced budget right there with me stopping me buying a lot of things and stopping me feeling like I have unlimited money.


Another issue I had was the irresistible urge for that tartan scarf or another pair of coloured jeans. This was triggered by advertisements that I voluntarily chose to let myself be taken in by. These advertisements are the subscriptions. UNSUBSCRIBE UNUBSCRIBE UNSCUBRIBE!!! When you sign up to shops online untick the ‘receive newsletters and exclusive offers’ box.

If you really can’t stay away from the subscriptions then make a separate email address you know you won’t need to log on for anything else but subscriptions but of course only if you can trust yourself from not signing in everyday.

Also if you don’t want junk mail don’t sign up to anything else, they do promise; ‘we won’t sell your details to any third party…’, but they do!

Shop websites entice you into signing up to their newsletter; New Look say, ‘Win clothes for a year!’ Now I am not one for negativity, but really? What are the chances of that happening?

Some others offer a 20% off introductory offer for signing up to their newsletter. Sign up, use that offer, and unsubscribe! Also only use that offer if there are items on that website that you actually need which leads me to my next point.


Don’t buy things you don’t love. Don’t compromise with what you buy, ‘Hmm this dress is ok but I don’t like the cut, oh well, it’s only £25.00.’

Sale Psychology

We seem to think that something that once cost £150 and has gone down to £75 is worth buying. I spent a lot more money on items on sale more than anything, and most of them I have only worn once or never wore. Nothing is worth buying unless you really need or want it. Think, if this was not on sale, would I buy it?


Unless you have something you really want, don’t buy! I have sometimes been in the situation where it was 23:59 and I was trying to get to checkout before the free delivery offer ended and most of those items were returned. Don’t rush. They have done this to rush you. When Superdrug have their free delivery I end up spending over £25, which is their standard price for free delivery on an ordinary day. So free delivery isn’t all that. There will always be free delivery offers as well as others and they come by all the time.

20% off is NOTHING

I used to get excited about 20% off student nights and codes but really they are nothing. It’s not worth being pushed and shoved and waiting in long queue full of students for only £20 off your £100 purchase. It’s only two pence off the pound!

The Dreaded Savings

Saving had been my biggest challenge. It took a lot of effort and even tears for me to finally grasp the idea of saving. The only time I was able to save was a few pennies in the piggy bank when I was seven years old. I never knew how to save or how to go about saving and every time I attempted to put a tenner in the money box it was out and spent the very next day.

I researched a lot about saving, some advice helped for a week or two but I had to find something tailored to my saving needs. One of my biggest issues was my regard for money, and through this I discovered the psychology behind saving. That is, believing that 20 pence isn’t much.

  1. Every penny counts. It’s really true what they say. I have battled with this issue for a very long time thinking I would have to save a fiver a day but that didn’t work.
  2. Don’t pressurise yourself to save but keep a savings goal. A lovely friend of mine made me a savings chart on excel. This totalled the amount I saved each day showing up at the end of each month the grand total. It also had a section where I was to put in how much I spent that day and for however much I spent I was required to save 20% of the total spent. On top of that I had a daily savings goal of £1.00. I know it doesn’t sound much but just think you could save £365 by the end of the year and if that doesn’t sound much to you then look at this. I can also save as much or as little as I like each day, be it 2 pence or £5 and sometimes I exceed my goal and it makes me so happy. It is such a booster. This savings goal was completely tailored to me, I was able to do this by identifying my weaknesses and what I needed.
  3. If that is a bit too much for you another idea for saving is, putting away any extra money in a jar (again with the ‘every penny counts’ principle) but not to pressurise yourself into saving a lot. Put a sticky label on it saying the total amount you wish to save, it could be as little as £10. When you eventually get to that total amount goal you can spend it after that on anything you like. This would make you feel so good about splurging towards an over-priced dress. If you feel motivated to save more, take the £10 out or however much is your limit and bank it straight away.

Savings Account:

– Set up a savings account or ISA. Get an appointment with your bank about savings accounts. You could catergorise your money and even rename your accounts; one could be called ‘life savings’ and another ‘general saving’ and of course you’ll have your ‘current account’. If you don’t want to end up spending your student loan you could have a separate account called ‘student loans’. This would help you visualize your spending habits and keep track of your money.

– Don’t have a large amount of money on the card that you use regularly. If it were stolen it would be harder for the bank to recover the    amount. Only have what you would spend each month so say as a student £500?

– If you work, set up a standing order where a portion of all the money is set up to go into your savings account.

The Secret Compartment

Sometimes I come into an emergency when I need the taxi home with NO MONEY in my purse. Since then I resolved to have £20 in my purse never to be touched or spent on anything, but that, as you might have already guessed did not work. I’d go into a local store and buy sweets and justify it by saying that I will make it up with another £20, but that never happened.

My purse has a lot of compartments so I put a £20 out of sight in one of the slots I won’t really be able to see. Even now knowing that I have a 20 there I am still not going to go and spend it.

These are my saving tips and what I had been battling with for a year, I hope I’ve helped you on your savings or have given you the idea to save.


All Prepped Up | Outfit of the Day

4 Nov


I’ve been feeling a bit boyish lately, actually for a very long time now. I was always a dress-girl but don’t get me wrong I still love wearing dresses and especially in the winter since I can throw it on with leggings and a chunky cardigan.

I have been wearing shirts and sweaters with jeans A LOT. Maybe it’s been due to the rise of the coloured and patterned skinnies that are still around during these cold months. I just can’t get enough of my jeans, I always hated jeans and once upon a time only owned two pairs! TWO pairs! And that wasn’t long ago.

Today I put on this Gingham Check Shirt with Bright Pink skinny jeans. As well as boyish this shirt makes me feel a bit preppy. I thought I should brighten up this look with wearing these jeans again. I’ve been wearing it with my navy jumpers and the contrast is so daring but it looks great and I think it’s a nice twist to the boyfriend fit shirt. I bought this a size up without trying it on as I do with all shirt and I kind of regret it since it does fit a big baggy on me.


And just to calm it down I wore plain black pallet flats.

New Look Cotton Gingham Shirt

Topshop Motto Kristen High-Waisted Jeans


This look is a bit daring to pull off and I am nervous to put it up and out there but I am excited to know what you think of it. Hope you like!


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