Musical Notes Nails

20 Aug



I haven’t posted in ages for being so busy with things and thought that the best way to start was with a good old nail art post. This is one of my clear coated nail art designs. I am soon to categorise all my nail art designs since I have been doing so many more than expected on a regular basis and this will be categorised in the ‘clear coated’ section, so look out for it if you’re loving my simple designs.

I have used…



I have used Topshop’s nail art pen in NightRider, and No7’s So Bright nail brightener as a top coat. I ave shown all other items and tools for inspiration if you haven’t access to these two.

That’s right, only two things needed for this simple design.

I simply googled ‘musical notes’ and will show you what pictures I worked with. I did not use a base coat as I find my nail art pen works best directly on the nail and since it’s a small design it won’t stain my nails as much.

Step 1: Draw a circle (one circle for single notes and two for double notes) and as I always say, don’t worry about it being neat and round, or any of it really. The best part of my nail art deigns is having fun and not worrying about messing it up because if you do, you will mess it up.


Step 2: Draw the vertical line/s needed and then continue on to the horizontal stem or stop and take a breath for doing such a straight line and then do your horizontal stem.

Step 3: After it’s super-fast dry go over it with a coat of tinted clear nail polish. I used my all time favourite No7 Nail Brightener. Nude tints look good too, like Elf’s ‘Innocent’ pictured in the ‘I used’ section.

And you are done! That’s it, just three steps!

I ended up not continuing with my forefinger and went straight for the trickier note…



As this is such a close shot you can see that this trickier note was pretty tricky to do as the lines are not pristine straight, but from a normal distant everything looks perfect…

Hope you too have fun trying out any of my clear coated nail designs or better yet, THIS one and show me how it goes.



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