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Lookbook: Pale Pearl | OOTD

26 Jun

So I finally decided to go for it and do an Outfit of the Day and double go for it by entering the River Island lookbook Contest.

I am loving pale colours and pearls this season so I thought I’d incorporate it into my first ever look and everything I am wearing is River Island.

I decided to create a pale contrast with the dark coloured jeans to create a standoutish look. I love the subtle embellishment on the tank top, it really gives that touch of shine to the look. To further add to this contrast I added a pair of white ballerina pumps.

Hope you like!

MC x

Why I am all about Simple!

20 Jun

ImageI first started off using Simple when I was looking for a gentle face wash for sensitive skin. I love how gentle all their products are on skin and I often switch from the ‘Refreshing facial wash gel’ and the ‘Moisturising facial wash’ and they both do exactly what they claim. The moisturising one is just as moisturising as it says. Since I don’t like to use moisturiser at night I use the moisturising face wash at night and it keeps my skin hydrated.

I also use their ‘Hydrating Light Moisturiser’ after the facial wash gel. I ran out of the one I had and Boots completely sold out so I desperately needed something that would be similar. So I decided to try out Boots own brand ‘Simply Sensitive’ moisturiser, this is great as it also has SPF 15! Since Boots have 3 for 2 on all skin care at the moment I decided to take two of these which isn’t very wise since I was just picking it up to try it out. Luckily, I have also fallen in love with it. It is very light on skin just like the Simple Moisturiser I usually use. so from now on I think I will be switching between the two because I love them both equally!



When it comes to eye make-up, or any make-up really I am really OCD about the way I remove it and before applying it. Before applying make up I do my usual routine of face wash and moisturiser and then I use a bit of the Simple ‘Soothing Facial Toner’ followed by the ‘Purifying Cleansing Lotion’ as recommended with a cotton wool pad lightly over the skin. After this I use my usual primer and then apply make-up.

A Quick-Fix:

If I make a tiny mistake when applying eye liner I use Simple’s ‘eye make-up corrector pen’, it’s amazing and saves me a lot of time and stress. However, there is own downside to it, you have to constantly clean it with make up remover wipes, but I forgive for every ‘about-to-be-late’ moment it saves me from.

When it comes to removing it I am very particular about the way I do it and what I use so that I can rest assured that all traces of the make up are gone before I can sleep. I find that make up remover wipes are not enough to remove eye make up, imagine all that pigmented eyeshadow, gel liner and water proof mascara. That is a lot to take off. Since I don’t use foundation I find that most of the make up on my face is the eye make up.

When I start, I remove the lightest make up first which would be your blusher, bronzer or highlighter and any concealer with Simple ‘Cleansing Facial Wipes’. After this I move onto the eyes and remove any shadow. Then, I take out another wipe for the mascara and eyeliner and any other bits. After this I like to use another one over the whole face.


Then to make sure ALL eye make-up is entirely removed I love using the Simple ‘eye make-up remover’ which is absolutely gentle and just as ‘kind’ as it claims on the skin. I use Boots ‘cotton wool double-faced round pads’ with this and it clears out all remaining eye make-up.

I find that any other cotton wool pads that say they are 100% cotton are just not as soft as the Boots one, not even Superdrug’s can match up to it. The Boots one is absolutely gentle and ultra-soft, not just that, it’s non-fleecing and it has two different textured on either side to suit face or nails or anything really!

Finally I end my make-up removing routine with my toner and cleansing lotion like I started.

Importance of a Toner:

A facial toner does wonders for your skin, it’s not an essential but for me personally I feel like it is, I would not be able to go without one. It gives your skin the right pH balance restoring it to a perfect balance. It also prevents spots and works to add that coat of protection. More importantly for OCD me, it makes me feel refreshed, I love the cool fresh feeling it gives.

A lot of people go through a lot to find the perfect solution for trouble skin or just something perfect for their skin type and I feel accomplished for having found and fallen for Simple. It’s simply perfect!

Colour-block trend Nails!

13 Jun

I know the last few nail art designs I have done so far have been rather complicated to do but this one is really quick and easy and I love it so much that I have done this with many other colours. I just wanted to share my more ‘tropical’ one with you. As you may already be aware that tropical styled clothes are everywhere this holiday season and this colour-block nail art adds the finishing touch to your tropical look.

You will need, ANY two colours that are compatible. I used…

– My regular Base and Top Coat.

– Rimmel London Lycra Pro in Coral Romance

– Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Tangerine Queen


Step 1: As always apply basecoat and let it dry.


Step 2: Apply your lightest colour.


Step 3: Carefully apply the second colour on the other half of your nail, whichever half you prefer of course. I found this very easy and maybe it was Rimmel’s mistake free application brush that helped a lot. You may wish to use a thin nail art brush to create a neat line or masking tape as I use for some of my nail art.


Feeling Patriotic! British Flag Nails!

6 Jun


During the Jubilee weekend I thought of doing flag nails! To change it up a bit, I painted my ring finger all blue (although it did take an internal debate to decide whether I should choose red or blue). As it is hard to apply nail polish with your left hand (if you’re right-handed) I thought I’d just use block colours for my right hand and it still looks great!

To create this I used nail art brushes, Barry M 3 in 1 Base Coat Top Coat and Hail HardenerCobalt Blue, Bright Red and Matt White. (Photos up soon)

Step 1: Apply basecoat.

Step 2: Apply the white. (Using the white as the base instead of blue brightens up the red and blue bits of the flag).


Step 3: Carefully line in the red cross with a thin nail art brush, make sure to do thin lines, especially for shorter or smaller fingernails.



Don’t worry about letting the line cross over to your skin, it works better when you feel like you have one less thing to worry about.

Step 4: Draw on another cross with diagonal lines crossing over the other crosses. You can do a block colour on your ring finger if you like or have all your nails with the flag.



Step 5: The tedious bit. Draw on small triangle lines and then fill them in, remember to not cover the entire space as you need the white parts to show as the white lines of the flag.



Step 6: Do this with all nails, and again, don’t worry about it being all messy, a cotton bud with a little nail polish remover can fix that. Then go over the nails with a top coat which will keep the flags from smudging.



Step 7: Finally, the block nails. Don’t forget base coat!


DIY: A Chambray Denim Shirt

2 Jun


I bought this shirt a couple of years ago, and since I have been loving the top-button-done-up and denim trend all season I decided to give this shirt discreet ones. Instead of sewing on a the spare button I got with this I used a metal hook so that it doesn’t cause much damage or look like there was a button there once before if I ever decide to remove them in future. I usually wore this with vest tops underneath and all buttons open, but now I’m going to try to pull this off on its own.

If you have a similar shirt , you could try this too…


I put on the hook on the inside of the right inside of the collar.


When stitching on the hook on the inside of the collar you should always make sure to not let the stitching reach through all layers of the fabric or you’d be left with a visible knot!


Instead of using the metal one, I decided to make my own thread hoop for the hook to clasp onto. This should be done on the outside of the left side of the collar.


If you ever want to do this, you should make sure your thread hoop is very strong. And this stitching helped me achieve this…



I did the same again halfway down from the collar and the next button…


To figure out how far you should do this you can either measure or do what I did…


…fold it in half by putting the hook against the next button-hole. If this picture isn’t clear…


And here’s how it looks all buttoned and hooked up…



Style Tip: Since this shirt is very long on me, almost reaching my knees, if you have a similar one you could wear it on its own teamed with a pair of bright statement heels.

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