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I won the Elf Friday Faves Competition!

30 May

I came first place in the Elf Friday Favourites Competition! Thank you to everyone who voted! It feels great to have had some recognition for what I predominantly blog about. I never thought my nail art would receive such attention. I can’t wait to do so much more! See my submission here.

Every Friday Elf have a Friday Favourites Competition, if you’re interested in taking part in any of them in future visit their blog by clicking here to find out how.

Daisy Nails with Elf’s Mint Cream

27 May


To go VERY pastel I decided to combine my most loved spring colour; the mint green with my yellow and white in one nail art design to create FLORAL NAILS! The floral trend doesn’t have to stop at your dresses or shorts, you can dress up your nails too!

Elf’s Mint Cream provides the perfect background and base for this flower design, it does all the work with an all over pastel finish. I’m loving my daisies, so I can’t stop doing daisy nails all the time!

To achieve these nails, you will need:


I used: Barry M 3 in 1 Clear, Elf Mint Cream, Collection 2000 Lemon Soda, Barry M Matt White



…a hair grip pulled apart which I used to create the petal dots.

Step 1: Apply base coat


Step 2: After base coat has dried, apply Elf’s Mint Cream


Step 3: After the mint green is dry, dab your hair grip end into you yellow nail polish (Collection 2000 Lemon Soda)


Instead of directly putting the hair grip into the bottle I took a bit from the brush, that way I can see and control how much I take, you only need a little.

Step 4: Carefully dab small dots (I would recommend three spaced out yellow dots to make room for the white petals, it all depends on the size of your nails too)


Step 5: Time for the almost-finished-and-I’m-so-excited part.

Do the same with the white petals but I would suggest first letting the yellow to dry otherwise they can run into each other. Do 5 – 6 dots. I stuck with 5, and maybe just 2 on your little finger.


And the end result!


This post is an entry to the Elf Friday Favourites Competition. If you want to enter the elf competition to be in with a chance of winning e.l.f Nail Polish in Innocent and their Cuticle Nail oil, simply click on the button below. Have fun and Good Luck!

Me, my e.l.f and I

Feeling Mellow GO YELLOW

15 May


I had never thought to try out yellow nail paint of all colours. I simply never thought it would look good on me. season has been all about change and trying out new looks for me; I’ve been daring myself a lot. From dressing up, and looking at the most – what I would have called – “outrageous” outfits, I have learnt a lot about what I love about this seasons picks and about myself and my own image in terms of fashion.

It was when I was looking for a colour for the middle of my daisies in my Daisy Nail Art Tutorial when I thought, ‘hang on, I could use this as just a plain nail polish for my whole nail’ and that’s when the magic took effect! It looks amazing and I got compliments. I think it was just that stand-outishness of it that got people’s attention.


See Daisy Nail Art

Top 6 Pastel Paints from my Favourites!

13 May

Since I have too many favourite nail paints, I tried to narrow it down to 5, but even that didn’t work so I kept it to an odd number of 6.



These are just the BarryM ones: from left, Berry I/C (Ice cream), Pink Flamingo, Mushroom, Peach Melba


Collection 2000: from left, Fruit Salad, Lemon Soda

I’m not a big fan of Collection 2000 cosmetics but it happened when I was looking for a very light pastel yellow for my Daisy Nails tutorial, I finally found the perfect yellow shade, and then it led to me buying the Fruit Salad one too, it’s like a lighter shade of the BarryM Pink Flamingo.


From thumb nail clockwise, Collection 2000 Fruit Salad, BarryM Peach Melba, Collection 2000 Lemon Soda, BarryM Pink FlamingoBerry I/C (Ice cream), BarryM Mushroom.

Have you seen? American Inspired Nail Art

Go American Inspired with Nails! Quick Message

9 May

Go straight to actual post, click here


Dear Readers, I recent did a blog post on my American Inspired Nail Art How To and it appeares that you receieved the notifcation to it as a bunch of letters a bit like this….


I’m sorry about that, so here is the actual post: Go American Inspired!

Hope you enjoy the read

MC x

Go American Inspired!

8 May

As promised, I bring you American inspired nail art!

You will need:

All BarryM

3 in 1 Clear & Matt White

Bright Red & Cobalt Blue

(You don’t have to use the colours I use, the american flag has been incorporated into so many different things in so many different shades)

You will also need to cut masking tape into teeny tiny little strips the same measurement and thickness to each other, like this…

I apologies for not having a separate photo but I think this photo pretty much demonstrates the size (I recommend  3-4 mm).

Step 1: Apply basecoat, let it dry

Step 2: Apply the white nail polish

(I really don’t like this white and regret buying it, it’s all blobby, I recommend any other trusted brand.)

Step 3: Stick on the masking tape, make sure to apply it so that you don’t trap any air and that it is firmly stuck to your nails. (I tried to remove the masking tape when my nails felt like they were dry but when I removed the masking tap it peeled off all my white nail polish!) I would suggest waiting 25 minutes before putting on the masking tape.

Step 3: Very carefully apply the red nail polish but make sure to only have a light amount on the brush.

As you can probably see, I went with a very BIG chunk of masking tape on the end, but it was ok for this as it was the red stripe on the end. After doing this wait for the paint to settle before removing the masking tape (you don’t need to wait for it to completely dry, but do wait for it to settle as it would cause your red to run if you don’t.)

Step 4:

 Place two new strips of masking tape like so.

Continue with this for the rest of your nails…

…it can look very nautical.

Step 5: After all the red has dried…

All you have to do is accurately and on the correct spot (to the left of every nail) apply the blue. If you don’t believe you will be able to do this accurately, don’t worry, a little bit of a wobbly line won’t be noticed, but if you really think you need some help, try using making tape for this too, to create the perfect rectangle. Remember, since all your nails ar a different size, cut individual sizes out for this part particularly. It doesn’t particularly matter with the strips bit if you’re a perfectionist then by all means perfect!

And that is all!

Let me know of what you think of my method and if you have tried it and been successful with it.

Have you seen? Floral Print Nails?

Or my previous post on Delicate Jewellery?

Delicate Jewellery

4 May

…and other pieces.

I’m loving delicate jewellery for quite a while, I’ve always been into statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and rings and spend a lot of money on them and don’t wear anymore. I think it all started when I could not be bothered to clasp on a heavy necklace or being tired of big rings weighing my fingers down. I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping lately and thought that I should do my first blog haul on them and maybe outfit of the days (not forgetting my nail art). I put these jewellery in a separate post first since I have quite a lot of stuff and I also wanted to talk about my love for delicate jewellery.

I just think smaller jewellery means so much more and add a tiny hint of sophistication.

The four ‘delicate’ pieces I bought recently were from River Island’s new collection and I am absolutely in love with them, they even have different packaging (a more recycled-looking cardboard type for them). I tried to do very close focuses on them so that you can see them very closely as you would in real life. I’ve also taken photos of other earrings I bought wear that are a bit statementy! Just couldn’t resist buying some pairs of big oh so millie miami earrings!

This first one is my favourite ‘delicate jewellery’ buy of 2012, it’s so cute, it says sweetheart. I put it on my wrist so that you get an idea of the size, as with the other jewellery in my hands.

Aren’t those little tiny ‘love’ studs soooo cute? They are absolutely tiny and they have even got me thinking about getting a second piercing on my ears this summer, oh I must. They are absolutely tinier than your usual ‘love’ studs.

In the third photo are your typical gold wrap studs but they’re so tiny and I think they would look so good with a navy smart dress, or anything really, I’m just being very particular again.

 I love these tiny pearl encrusted studs, I’ve never seen teeny tiny pearls altogether or even on their own and I am sure I would so buy if they were.

Now for my millie miami trend earring…

I love the colour, it was most striking to me, I even noticed it from far off. These are so me, and so this season, I will be saving these for the warmer weather, maybe wear them with a plain maxi dress? Or something dusty pink or pastel. Either way, these are absolutely gorgeously statementy!

Something similar…

Something else…

 these were from Forever21 for only £1.50 if I can remember, I love that you can see your skin through he petals.

Now for something slightly peculiar…

 Photo frame earrings? Fabric earrings? I bought these a while back, they’re so uncommon and that is what I really love about them.

I have my Shopping Haul, Outfit of the Day and American inspired Nail Art Step-by-Step How To (as promised) coming up during the next few weeks…or days, so stay tuned. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this read.

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