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Create: Floral Daisy Nails!

20 Apr


I was feeling creative and thought I should do something exciting with my nails rather than a plain spring pastel colour for an outfit. See how it looks good with my top? Since this spring is not just floral but floral-on-floral I thought it would be a great idea to wear this floral top with floral nails. I am a bit reluctant to wear floral-on-floral with clothes (and maybe I should be a bit daring and go for it) so instead I thought of the most subtle way of doing it. Less is more!

So I painted daisies on my nails! I didn’t know what background to do so I tested it with three different colours.

You will need:

A hair grip. I used this in making the daisies.

Pretty Colours! It is absolutely up to you what colours to use but I used:

A Base coat Barry M 3 in 1 Clean (Basecoat Topcoat & Nail Hardener All In One)

Brown Barry M, Mushroon

Purple Barry M, Berry I/C 

White Barry M, Matt White

Blue Barry M, Cobalt Blue

Yellow Collection 2000, Lemon Soda (I didn’t like Barry M’s yellow, this one in Collection 2000 was more pastel)

The Floral Top, River Island (Of course you won’t be needing this but just in case you want to know!)

Step 1:  Apply basecoat on all nails. A MUST! I cannot express the importance of basecoat before ANY colour light or dark, you don’t want realise you have dyed your nails bright pink or green when you’ve removed the nail polish.

Step 2: After the basecoat has dried, apply your chosen background colour.


Here I got carried away with putting the first two daisies on straight away.

Step 3: After your background colour had dried apply the yellow dots by dipping the hair grip into the nail paint and dabbing it onto your nails. Remember to space them apart to leave space for the white petals and not to take up too much nail paint.

And it should look like this.

Step 4: Apply the white petals on and as with the yellow middle, dip the hair grip into the nail paint and dab on the petals carefully.

Doing these nails did take me a couple of tries, but its well worth it in the end.

Step 5: Once the daisies have dried apply a top coat to make the daisies look flat. This is also to stop everyday smudging, chipping or scratching. As you can see I’ve added white dots around the flowers, it made it look less bare and more floraly (if that’s a word).

I’m going to try this out with the blue background on all nails and see how it looks.

Coming soon…

American inspired nail art!


[Image from google images]



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Confessions of a Fashionista: I’m a Magpie…well…A Tag Collecting One

9 Apr

I KEEP tags! Well…only pretty tags. I just cannot throw them away!


River Island

I love the classic River Island tags because they just look like they’re quilted, but quilted paper. I love anything quilted and so very Chanel.


Other River Island Tags I kept…

Ok so, moving onto Miso Vintage. I love the delicate colours and as you can see the round pastel blue and pink ones have real buttons attached! ACTUAL REAL buttons. Oh and the cream one with the lace is beautiful, I just love how they thought to use lace instead of a bit of plastic. You can just feel the amount of thought that has gone into producing these beautiful tags. These are my favourites of ALL! They’re just so delicate and cute.

 Ribbon and Red or Dead from Bank

And I keep these pretty little things in this pretty little gold box…

…as well as the spare buttons I get with the buttoned clothes I buy.

TOP TIP 1: Always keep the buttons in their plastic packaging they come in, so this way they won’t get damaged by rubbing against each other or any sharp or pointy object. TOP TIP 2: Always keep them in the same pot, a small one as soon as you cut it off your tag, this way you will never ever forget about them or lose them.

So I think I have come to the conclusion of why I collect pretty little tags. They reflect what I like in fashion, I love to buy anything lacey, pearly, buttoned and PASTEL clothing! I’d like to know what you think of my collecting tags confession and whether you do the same too!


Confessions of a Fashionista: High St Competition

3 Apr

The second of my ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ themed series, I have come to realise that it isn’t only High St vs High End, but, High St in competition within themselves.

I bought a pair of pearl and diamante encrusted pearl sandals that I have just recently blogged about, only to find the same thing in another shop for an even lower price.

This is River Island‘s one, click here to see my recent post about it.

And this is New Look‘s for only £17.99


However, there could be something in the difference with quality of the sandal.

But, this is not the only High Street copy-cats caught…

ImageThis ponte striped skater dress was spotted in New Look for 24.99, while River Island with the Elle Edit Fashion Show showed us something very similar!

 Although, it could be argued they are different with respect to arm length

Here’s a New Look vs Republic…

Image Republic Dress

Image New Looks Rendition

You could argue it to be ‘just the trend’ but I have seen very similar and even the same dresses from one shop to another.

[All stock images from mentioned websites]

All content and images © Malia Choudhury 2012 unless otherwise noted.

Summer Party Season FLATS!

1 Apr


Who says you need a pair of 6 inch heels and come home with ache at the balls of your feet for a Summer Party?

With these gorgeous River Island pearl and diamante embellished flats, you could put all those heel feet at envy. So for all you tall girls out there who worry about towering over everyone including the guys, you don’t have to go looking for mid-heel party shoes, because heels aren’t the only glamour.

I love pearls more than anything, pearly jewellery, pearl embellished clothing, like one of my pearl embellishes shoulders dresses. Pearls, as I mentioned in another post is big this season. River Island also have a coral pearl embellished peter pan colour top which was one from the Elle Edit in the Elle with River Island’s Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Launch. Paint your toe-nails coral, pink or red, or anything pastel, to add that summery edge to night-time or day-time party. I haven’t got much more to say about these,  I’m sure they pretty much speak for themselves.

And here are the rest…

Pearl and Diamante Embellished Sandals River Island £29.99

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