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1 Apr



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September 1st! Autumns Here for Malia@ASOSMarketplace

1 Sep

It’s officially back to school and the end of summer and at Malia@ASOS there’s new Autumn pieces included in over 50 items!

Sprinkle Autumn with Embellishment 


…and maybe an over-throw

Smarten up your slouchy jumpers with this…


Feel blown away with flowy shorts SKORT


Play peek-a-boo


Be loud with Print

Brighten up your plain dresses and jumpers…Image

Honeycomb Jumpers are the bees knees…


Discover more…


Hygiene Proof!

30 Aug

Since my online shop took to storm I have been sharing my excitement with you here on my blog and also sharing my newbie selling experiences along the way. This is another packaging post, I have previously done a whole post on how I package and packaging recommendations, but in this one I am talking about hygiene.

I like to allow flexibility to my buyers and never constraint them on any buying commitments, this is why I allow returns on earrings too, but only with the hygiene seal in tact.

I have made my own hygiene seal for all my earrings and ensured and all seals have my signature, Malia, so that they cannot be replaced.

I recently sold these bright blue polka dot fabric earrings, if that’s bad news for you, there’s two more in different styles that are currently on clearance, so hurry and snap them up before they expire.


I also customise my invoices so they are more friendly and so that I can include offers in them, here’s a peak into an invoice with name and address covered of course…Image

I love my bubble wrap, here I’ve used it to provide that last bit of protection on these delicate earrings…Image

I hope I have inspired you into making your shop more buyer friendly and to protect your items.



Monochrome VS Colour

14 Aug

This is one of those dresses where you don’t need to do anything with, just throw it on and be out. I love these kinds of dresses especially now that I have stepped out of my simplicity phase.

I took the afternoon to go to the local park and this was just a perfect throw-on-and-still-look-good. Aren’t jeans and a tee a throw on too? Yes they are but I have always believed that you look so much more put together and effortless with a dress that just does all the work for you.

This summer, I’ve been into printed dresses more than ever but this one is my loudest so far.




Red Monochrome Dress Primark, Heart Side Bag Suzy Smith.


Play it Safe Sometimes

23 Jul


Even when it comes to summer I am sometimes tempted to throw on my pop-to-the-corner-shop outfit and sometimes it is a disaster…but I’m still not bothered. In this outfit post I have tried to keep things easy but not looking lazy as I have had a lot of trips to the corner shop and as you can imagine, a girl likes to feel special every now and then. I decided I wasn’t going to let my laziness get in the way of looking, well, polished but still not look like I have tried too hard for a walk down my local.

1) Finding a top that looks simple but has some lace detailing, frills or trims add that extra oompf to your lazy-day-but-noone-knows-it and no one will really know it.

2) Minimal make-up is my philosophy and always has been but sometimes I have taken minimal to none at all. This time, I put on my favourite pink lipstick that I know suits me whatever the weather and a few brushes with the mascara and it only takes 30 seconds and makes such a difference.

3) The studs I am wearing are studs I have left for a while as punishment for wearing them every single day when I have countless pairs still in packaging dying to be worn. Today, I decided that it is about what you’re ‘comfortable’ with and what you ‘know’ will make you look good when you’re in a rush or not looking to make much effort.


The heatwave has subsided but it is still slightly warm out so I decided to be safe with a pair of my most loved dark-wash jeans, sandals and a plain lace top.


Even the tiny clips add further detail.


Clips Primark, Lace Top Hollister, Jean New Look, Sandals River Island.

Lipstick Revlon – Pink in the Afternoon, Mascara No.7 Lash Adapt in Black.


Sophisticate Summer | OOTD

7 Jul


It has been a sticky couple of days so far, I say sticky because 30 degrees + humidity = sweaty hands, yuck.

I found myself having to wash my hands every now and then, scrunch my hair up and pull on my top that’s sticking on me, yuck!

What better top to wear than a white boxy cami for the heat and instead of teaming it with a pair of jeans I added an old favourite from Autumn, my much loved midi skirt. I’m not wearing jewellery at all, I have my hair clipped up in a low bun and baby hairs in little clips in an attempt to be sticky-less around my neck and face.

What I love about this cami is its adjustable straps and elasticated top so you don’t ever have to worry about cleavage which is what had always made me uncomfortable in just a cami alone.

I also think summer’s not only an excuse get out in minimal clothing but also minimal make up and jewellery. I’m not wearing any jewellery and my make up is a bright lipstick. I added a pair of colour pop low wedges for comfort and of course for the colour.

To explain the title, I just think, for the minimal amount I have on and for a hot summer day I’ve managed to create something sophisticated for summer.



And of course, if you’re not too keen on baring all, you could add a cardigan…



Lace Cami Hollister, Midi Skirt Topshop, Coral Wedges New Look.

Vintage Rose Print Nails

6 Jul

ImageIt’s been all over Pinterest and YouTube, the Vintage Rose Print Nails, which look really intricate but is surprisingly so easy to do. To mix it up I added a polka dotted peach for my forefinger and a mint background for my ring finger.

I got a little over excited and grabbed any and every shade related to this design…Image


You can really choose any background colour you like, so long as it’s pastel and isn’t red or pink (the colour of the roses).

– My trusty hair grip (pulled apart)

– Clear Base Coat

– Barry M Peach Melba (base colour for my forefinger)

– Elf’s Mint Cream (base colour for my ring finger)

– Barry M Matt White (base colour for the rest of my fingers and the polka dots)

– Rimmel Lycra Pro Coral Romance (rose colour for white backgrounds)

– Barry M Pink Flamingo (optional extra: rose colour for darker background MINT)

– Barry M Fuchsia  (optional extra: rose colour for darker background MINT)

– Barry M Spring Green (for the leaves)

1. Apply base coat then paint nails in your chosen pastel backgrounds.


2. After the background colours have dried dab your hair grip (toothpick or nail art brush) into the paint.


3. Carefully dab small blobs of nail polish onto your nails. That one section of blobs is one rose, do more than two roses on each nail if your nails are longer. It doesn’t matter if you’re messy, in fact, the messier the better!Image

4. While letting your peach blobs to dry you could polka dot your forefinger. I thought the forefinger being a different pattern means something different to doing your ring finger as the odd one which is so common.Image

5. When that’s dry I used Rimmel Pro Coral Romance to frame the peach blobs.


6. Do similar wobbly coral lines inside the roses and finish it off with a centre dot.

7. Do the same rose technique on the mint nail instead choose darker colours for the rose. I chose a mix of Barry M Fuchsia and Pink Flamingo.

9. After all the roses are dried, it’s time for the leaves which really finish them off. Similarly with the roses do wobbly lines simply by dotting them on. Again it really doesn’t matter how messy you are. 


10. ALL DONE! Apply a top coat to smooth the bumpy lumpy blobs and you’re done, with pretty vintage rose nails.


Reminder of what I used and for what in pictures…






SAM_3540 SAM_3541


Dishevelled this Summer | OOTD

7 Jun

There’s nothing better than a relaxed and care-free summer and for me it started with throwing on a light top and tapered trousers. The other day I was getting ready to go shopping with my sister and was fussing about how I want my hair to be up without falling out of place but the “I’m coming!” and the “Just a minute!” didn’t work for me. I went out with a plait and it sort of dishevelled and I thought it looks quite nice.

I’m really letting myself feel relaxed: no make up – I hate the feel of make up and no nail polish – I too hate the heaviness of nail paint (even if it’s one coat).

This led me to make a baggy white top purchase boho-inspired and then create this outfit of the day.



Embroidered Tassel Top Forever 21; Printed Tapered Trousers New look

I love the simplicity and the airy-feel in the outfit, makes me feel as though I am in my pyjamas.

New In: Summer Heartbreak Charms and Diamonds

25 May

Goggle-eyed (coming soon)


Retro (coming soon)













Click photos for direct links to item or view entire collection.



23 Apr

Now that exams and everything Uni are over I have time to late spring clean, shop, blog, paint, draw, write…and the list is endless.

I have also had time to add some new and unique jewellery to my collection and they’re all on sale at great prices. I’ve managed to snap up some more pieces for my shop and since you are reading this New In feature you’ve managed to snap up an all exclusive promo code as my loyal readers. All promo codes are listed at the end of this post.

Classic Gold Swirl Bracelet


Fabric Earrings




LOVE Necklace – featuring diamantes, satin bow, heart charm, rose ‘O’.


Metal Diamate Encrusted Corsage 


Sterling Silver Delicate Heart Stone Bracelet – Gift Wrap Available


Bright Coral Flower Necklace


Topaz Teardrop Necklace


Promo Code: LOYALCM (expires: 5 June 2013)

Promo codes exclude sale items.

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